Current Clients Investor 360 Access

One stop shopping for all of your account information and data.

With a single log-in, Investor360°® provides you access to all of your account information and investment performance data.  You can:

  • See your account balances and a detailed position breakdown for each account as of any date range, including accounts not held with us.
  • View balances and positions for all your accounts held with us in one easy-to-read, consolidated report.
  • View actual investment performance vs. an appropriate benchmark for any date range for all accounts held with us.
  • Check on recent transactions within your accounts.
  • Link to other accounts, such as your spouse’s or children’s, held with us. (Restrictions may apply; contact us for details.)
  • Review important facts, such as your account setup and contact information, listed beneficiaries, and other named individuals.
  • View important documents you have stored in a secure document vault.
  • Eliminate paper statements and view or download current and historical account statements and trade confirms online.
  • Get real-time price quotes and charts for traded securities.
  • Run in-depth reports to get even more information on your accounts.
  • Import account information to TurboTax for easier, more efficient tax filing.