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There are a multitude of providers who label themselves as Financial Planners and Investment Advisors.  So how is PlanStrong different?  What is the PlanStrong Advantage?

Investment Managers

We are investment managers firstwho believe that managing a client’s assets effectively is the critical engine that powers a successful financial plan.  We make all investment choices on site with a highly qualified Chartered Financial Analyst overseeing all decisions.  We don’t outsource this crucial responsibility, because our primary focus isn’t to gather assets for someone else to manage at mutual fund and insurance companies. Outsourcing investment management often adds a layer of fees, while the advisor you are dealing with is not the investment professional making decisions for your portfolio.

Man with Chart


We explain in simple terms the common-sense rationale for every security in your portfolio.  We don’t use confusing technical terms or not know the specifics of each holding.

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We report our actual investment performance against a single appropriate benchmark.  This allows  our clients to determine how their portfolio performed compared to how it should have done.  We don’t  provide a litany of indexes and ask the client to calculate an appropriate measurement.

Listen to Weekly Radio Shows

You can hear an hour-long update of our latest perspectives every week by tuning into our radio show on WRKO or downloading a podcast.  We address the latest key economic and business news that impact investments.  The content of our radio program is freshly created each week, and it isn’t a veiled commercial designed to sell mutual funds or annuities.  

Money Growing

We are a fee based advisor that operates under a fiduciary standard.  This means that we select investments that are in your “best interest”, while only getting paid a fee based on a small percentage of your assets. We provide the best choice available for our clients, not just one that is “suitable” for their circumstances.  We avoid being paid big, up-front commissions for selling investment products, because they tend to incent selling, rather than managing the investment on an ongoing basis. 

Person with options


We don’t invest in products with penalties or exit fees (like many annuities) that restrict your ability to make changes or leave at any time. 

Gears with personWe build and update fully integrated financial plans that incorporate all of your life goals, priorities and timing.  We ensure that strategies take into account income needs, asset protection from unexpected events, and income tax implications.  We make sure that underlying assumptions are reasonable, so you have a realistic assessment of where you’re headed.  And, we address all of your goals and any factors that can derail the success of your plan.  Finally, we run thousands of scenarios to quantify the likelihood of the success of the plan. 

Meeting with Partner


You will meet regularly with a Principal and the founder of the firm to ensure you get the most experienced advice available.   We don’t assign clients to less experienced staff members, with infrequent exposure to firm management or investment decision makers. 


We have partnered with a leading Broker/Dealer that provides excellent online account access and reporting, and extensive resources for investment portfolio construction, corporate retirement plans, executive compensation, risk management, and estate and tax planning.