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We plan and invest to help people achieve their financial goals.

The investment professionals at PlanStrong develop solutions - integrated financial plans powered by in-house investment management – for situations commonly faced by individuals and families around New England. These plans address asset and income requirements, tax and legal implications*, and protection from unexpected events.  Plans are stress tested in a variety of market conditions to help ensure your plan is on track.

Common problems we solve - Is this you?

We often hear from individuals and families looking for solutions when they realize they are at one of three critical times when financial decisions need to be made:

Time to start planning

Time to start planning:  This is when people initially identify short and longer-term goals, and the need to start planning and investing to attempt to meet those goals.  This can include saving and investing for home ownership, college and retirement.  They recognize that they need a plan, and they want to know what vehicle to use, how much to contribute, and how to protect themselves and their assets.

Approaching Retirement

Time to get serious:  This is when people are mid-life physically and professionally.  They recognize the need to get serious about growing their assets, because they understand that their years of contributing to their asset base may be limited to their remaining years working.  They may need to meet an impending need (college), or to step up their contributions to their retirement assets to be able to sustain their lifestyle in retirement.

Retired Couple Cropped

Time to distribute:  Once individuals stop working and making contributions to their assets, they often need to withdraw funds to sustain their lifestyle.  And, they want a high probability of never running out of money.  They want to understand how much they can withdraw, what sources to withdraw from, and how to protect their assets from unexpected events and taxes.


Sometimes there is a fourth category, when unexpected events create the need to adjust plans:

Transition, Time of change

Time of change:  The death of a spouse or a marriage ending in divorce can require significant modification to an existing plan.  Often, the person who needs to modify the plan did not develop the original plan, so they need to learn a lot in a condensed period of time.  They need a plan to determine where they will live, how they will sustain their lifestyle for the rest of their lives, and how to protect their assets from unexpected events and taxes.


The engine that powers our financial plans

The success of a financial plan depends on the underlying investment management to fund it.  Some key highlights of investment management at PlanStrong include:   

  • We manage the money in house, so all investment decisions are made locally by qualified, credentialed, independent professionals

  • We measure and report actual results against a single appropriate benchmark

  • We avoid high commission investment products, and don’t have hidden fees

  • We act in a fiduciary capacity

  • We capitalize on economic, demographic and technological mega trends

  • We understand that most investors value avoiding loss more than generating extra returns


*Commonwealth Financial Network® and PlanStrong do not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation.